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 Water Softener Systems 
Scale Control Water Treatment Systems are an alternative to a traditional water softener. These systems use a coconut shell carbon to reduce chlorine, herbicides, pesticides, cleaning by-products, and tri halo methanes. Coconut Shell Carbon is a porous substance on Earth and is perfect for commercial or residential use. It removes taste and odors from your water, and operates with no backwash or electricity. NAC (Nucleation Assisted Crystallization)  Filtersorb media is a long lasting alternative that reduces scale without using salt or potassium, and can help to remove existing scale buildup. NAC transforms dissolved hardness into harmless microscopic crystal particles. 
A Water Softener works hard to treat hard water by removing minerals such as calcium and magnesium through an ion exchange. Those mineral ions are exchanged with potassium chloride ions or sodium chloride ions. A water softener is beneficial for removing noticeable scale buildup and increasing the longevity of your appliances, and pipes. A water softener also helps remove water marks and residue from dishes, providing you with cleaner hair and softer skin, and giving you brighter and softer clothes. 
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Reverse Osmosis Systems 
Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water systems are a great alternative to bottled water, which result in you saving money. Reverse Osmosis systems typically go underneath your kitchen sink, and provide you with great tasting water, and ice cubes. Pure water is produced as you use the systems. Reverse osmosis systems remove most heavy metals, unwanted inorganics, dirt and turbidity, chlorine taste and odors, VOCS, and dissolved solids. Refer to the rejection rate chart based off of a TFC membrane. 
Designer Faucets can add character with a matching finish and style best suited to fit your home. Designer Faucets such as the 603, 888, and 905 series provide a steady flow of readily available water directly from your Reverse Osmosis systems holding tank. With a smooth operating ceramic disc operation, designer finishes, a swiveling 360-degree neck, and a brass body with a lead free plastic interior, you're sure to find a match you'll love. 
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